Ben Wa Balls & Prostate Stimulators

30 May 2012, Posted by admin in Blog
Ben Wa Balls

I’m a strong advocate for getting to know your own body through the most sensitive means: using your own hands and fingers, noticing your breath, experimenting with the movement of your body, bringing everything you discover in your body and mind into the light of your curious and relaxed awareness.

As you move through your sexual exploration (which in the best of worlds is a lifelong, ongoing process), there are a few tools that can assist you.  I’d like to suggest two of them today.


Ben Wa Balls—for female bodies

One aspect of sexual awakening for women is to reconnect her conscious awareness with her sex center, learning to direct the musculature of her pelvic floor as she so chooses.  Ben Wa Balls, Jade Eggs, and other stringed beads are great help in developing this capacity.  Exercising with the Ben Wa Balls can be pleasurable in and of itself while at the same time, it serves to strengthen and tone the muscles of the pelvic floor and vagina.   As a woman becomes more conscious of her vulva, vagina, and pelvic floor, she can then learn to consciously generate, contain, release, and direct her sexual energy—whether for her own pleasure or to share with another.   I love to support women as they learn these skills in our sessions together.


You can simply insert these two small glass or metal balls in your vagina and go about your day while casually strengthening your muscles. It’s very simple and no one knows you’re doing it, and many women get great results from them. Additionally, the hypoallergenic glass material is completely safe–check the metal ones if you happen to have those particular sensitivities.   They’re very easy to keep clean.


Prostate Stimulators—for male bodies

Prostate stimulators like the Aneros can support men to get in touch with a distinctly different kind of sexual pleasure than they may already know through pleasuring the penis.   Such toys may seem to some a bit alarming at first, but they are actually quite commonly used, and can simply and effectively stimulate your prostate gland, which in turn can lead to strong orgasms.   I also love supporting men to work with prostate stimulators to help them access their emotions in the presence of their arousal—a hugely beneficial connection.


Unless you know exactly what you want in advance, shopping for sex toys isn’t always the easiest process. If you have ever checked out an adult store such as Adam and Eve, then you are no doubt aware of the extremely wide variety that exists in the sex toy market. There are literally hundreds of different toys and accessories available to you, whether you are looking for something for yourself or to use in a relationship. So, it helps make the shopping process a bit easier if you already have some things in mind that you’d like to try.  Both of these products are highly recommended.

Obviously, these are just a few examples of some toys that you may want to try, but hopefully if you are new to sex toy shopping this gives you an idea of some of the specifics available. There are toys specially made for just about any type of sexual activity or function, and most of them are perfectly convenient and safe to use. Just keep an open mind and consider what you’re hoping to gain from your sex toys in advance, and you’ll surely find something that interests you.





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