Robyn Thoren Smith

On group intimacy and dissolving into love

05 Apr 2015, Posted by admin in Blog

This is a LONG post. It’s how it came. I trust that those inspired to read it will be the perfect ones to receive it. It’s a reflection on group intimacy and dissolving into love, untangling tensions from my evangelical past, and a healthy dose…

Blueprint of a Tantric Healing Session

04 Oct 2013, Posted by admin in Blog

I’ve offered tantric healing sessions for nearly ten years now.  Every session is different, but a basic pattern usually emerges.   It often goes something like this: We relax.  Big time. We get our juices flowing.  How?  Breath, sound, and movement. We go to where it hurts.  Nearly…

On Freedom + Becoming a Wife

30 Jul 2013, Posted by admin in Blog

In the weeks since my recent wedding, I am delightfully discovering this delicious sense of freedom spiraling up from within. Wide swaths of my energy are returning home to me. Aspects of myself that had been unconsciously tied up in some kind of relentless pursuit…

Nature Based Tantric Practice

20 Sep 2012, Posted by admin in Blog

Intimate connection with nature and the perceptual shifts that restore our sense of wholeness with the world around us. Robyn Lynn of www.thepresentsense.com.

What is “the feminine” anyway?

17 Sep 2012, Posted by admin in Blog

She’s not a woman, not a girly way of being, not pink, not lipstick, not strippers, not belly dancers, not ballerinas.  She’s not a bunch of Burning Man tribal “goddesses” wearing leather and feathers (although they’re lovely and probably open to Her).  When speaking of…

Ben Wa Balls & Prostate Stimulators

30 May 2012, Posted by admin in Blog

I’m a strong advocate for getting to know your own body through the most sensitive means: using your own hands and fingers, noticing your breath, experimenting with the movement of your body, bringing everything you discover in your body and mind into the light of…