About Sex & Intimacy Coaching

Most people want to be deeply connected to another–to feel love and passion all at once. But it isn’t always easy.

Our culture is more than a little confused about sex – obsessed and repressed, puritanical and smutty, permissive and punishing. As a result of all these mixed messages, our natural ability to give and receive satisfying, passionate, loving attention is often inhibited, disconnected, distorted, or numbed.

  • But what if you were really free to enjoy your body’s pleasure?
  • What if all the mental noise quieted down enough to trust the wisdom of your body?
  • What if ecstasy were a daily occurrence?



I can guide you safely toward your core desires. In the process, I will draw your attention to any unconscious patterns that may be blocking you from rich, ecstactic, fulfilling experiences – both in your your love life and in your love of life as a whole.


The work that I offer is simple, powerful, and profound.

It is geared toward those who seek authentic, awake, and alive relationships.

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What to expect in a coaching session:

  • a safe space to say what’s true
  • ruthless & loving compassion
  • body-based experiential exercises
  • accurate information to empower you to love with exquisite presence
  • break-throughs in the levels of vitality, self-awareness, and sweetness in your life

Although tips and techniques are useful and will be offered, our work together will focus more on speaking your truth and opening the heart. The most important factor in your transformation is the strength of your intention and determination. I support you in building this.


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