For Men

Coaching For Men

Most men I know truly want to be good lovers

They want nothing more than to please their partners and send them into deep ecstasy. So guess what, guys? It takes more than technique.  

If you really want to open your lover up, you’re going to have to do it with everything you’ve got: your eyes, your breath, your hands, your cock, and most importantly, the steady presence of your attention.  In Coaching for Men, we work from multiple levels: body, mind, heart and soul.

I can support you to:

•   deepen presence
•   acquaint yourself with your sensations and emotions–the access point to deeper love
•   prolong love-making (in the bedroom & beyond)
•   delay ejaculation
•   experience full body energetic orgasm
•   learn how to give a powerful healing session to your partner
•   heal from prior trauma and/or cultural wounding
•   gain confidence with a lover


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