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Yoga Asana classes with Robyn

 Intuitive Flow Studio

Ubud ~ Bali ~ Indonesia

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I’ve been traveling back & forth to Bali for 5 years, and this year I’ve decided to stay for a while. You see I’ve fallen in love with this island, and love takes a lot of quality time to grow and deepen.

For those of you in the Western hemisphere, I’m still available for deep dives and focused coaching from the comfort of your home.  For those of you who live in or travel to Southeast Asia, say hello!

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What does yoga have to do with sex, intimacy, relationship and tantra?

Absolutely everything.


photo 4Learning how to make love to the breath?

That’s yoga.

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Staying in love with your own breath while also celebrating another?

That’s tantra.

Intuitive Flow Studio

Yoga 5x/week

Vinyasa Flow and Slow Yin

Plus two fabulous monthly workshops:

“Woman, Sex & Spirit”  

“Tantra in Community”

 starting this January


See you on the mat. 


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