Tantra, mantra, yantra, puja

Sacred Ceremonies

of Classical Tantra Yoga:

meditation, mantra, yantra, and puja

August 15-18 with Colin Earl and Robyn Thoren Smith

Fairfax, CA



Come, join us.

Cultivate your devotion and dedication.

Make your offerings.

You are welcome. 


Note: these events will be held in a small, intimate space and limited to the first 12 participants who register.


colin doing puja lessons

Performing and participating in sacred ceremony is an integral part of the self-empowerment process.  Sacred ceremonies provide a focal point for cultivating discipline and devotion, both of which are essential to bring out a person’s highest potential.  –Myra Godfrey, Sri Vidya Upasika

Schedule of Events

Friday: Introductory Satsang

7-9pm, suggested donation $18

Introductory Satsang and Lakshmi Puja— A ritual for cultivating abundance and an informal talk with Colin and Robyn about the practices of Tantra. Please call or email Robyn to get the event address.  206.579.2603, robyn@thepresentsense.com

Saturday: Sacred Ceremonies

10am-7pm $108 per day

Honoring Ganesha–We will learn simple ways to self-empowerment through connecting with this ancient energy that has been worshiped in many cultures.

The How & Why of Puja–Understanding the reasons for and mechanics of classical ritual.

The Art of Energetic Placement & Mantra Meditations— Installing divine energies into key points of the body raising its vibration and maximizing the benefits of mantra meditation.

Shiva & Shakti Puja–During this facilitated puja we will energize, balance, and honor the male and female energies in us all.

Sunday: Sacred Ceremonies

10am-7pm $108 per day

Note: your cost will be $180 total ($36 discount) if you attend both Saturday & Sunday ceremonies, which we do recommend. Friday and Monday are additional.

Yoga Nidra–During this led session we will circulate awareness through the body creating an increased state of receptivity, gently activate kundalini and access the chakras for deep healing.

Maha Mritunjaya Mantra Healing Circle–As a group we will create an energetic mandala and practice the most powerful mantra from the vedas for healing, both our self and loved ones.

Homa–Fire Ritual for empowerment, abundance, and healing–Ganapati, Lakshmi, and Shiva.  Please bring 2-4 pieces of fresh fruit and a bouquet of flowers (gathered or bought) as offerings, as well as your spiritual items to be blessed at the ceremony. Participants will have an opportunity to offer bundles of sacred offerings into the fire.

Monday:  Special Krishna & Radha Puja for Couples and Singles

6-9pm, $36 each

During the Krishna/Radha puja we connect to our partner through offering flower petals to the chakras of our partner which is the same as offering them to ourselves. With each offering we our also forgiving our selves and our past partners, clearing out whatever we are holding onto from past relationships. This process can deepen and support the love between a couple. If this ritual is performed within one’s own self, all offerings made to one’s own chakras, it can be a powerful vehicle for opening to and calling in new love. Powerful chants are vibrated into each chakra with offering, creating a unique energetic experience.

NOTE: Please bring 6-12 red or white roses of any size.  Men will offer red petals, Women white , singles can partner up or offer both colors to their own chakras – once offered the colors are mixed and offered together.

Monday & Tuesday:

Personal Empowerment  (Kalaavahanam) sessions by appointment

During this tantric empowerment ritual we bring mantra and energized touch into the internal switches of the petals of the chakras. By bringing specific energies into the body in sequence we turn on, or brighten these locations. We bringing in the celestial lights of Fire, Sun and Moon. We then call in the wild aspects of the five elements, then the forces that control them into the appropriate chakras. During this process we empower creativity, pleasure, healing, love and the powers of communication across space and time. We then give a ritual bath with mantras. This is very empowering, and many people go into trance-like state right then. The recipient is worshipped with flowers and turmeric concluding the ritual. The entire puja can be done clothed or it can also be done nude at the choice and conscious consent of the receiver. This empowerment will unfold over the next few days and can be a powerfully transformative experience.

Colin will be the primary facilitator of the ritual empowerment, and Robyn may also attend and assist at the recipient’s request.

Cost is $81 if booked Friday night or in advance of Friday night, $108 thereafer.  Couples empowerment sessions are 2 hours $189 ($162 in advance).  Sessions will be between an hour and ninety minutes each.  the

How to Register / Hold Your Place

Email robyn@thepresentsense.com or call 206.579.2603.  A minimum $21 deposit will hold your space in any of the events.


colin profile picAbout Colin Earl has been a dedicated student and practitioner of yoga and tantra for over 25 years. His teaching comes from balancing the triangle of scriptural knowledge, Guru’s instruction and personal experience. Colin studied hatha yoga with Aadil Palkhivala as his mentor, including study in India with BKS Iyengar himself. He spent 5 years in service traveling with the female saint Sri Karunamayi learning mantra, stotram about the nature of Divine Mother. Colin took diksha in Sri Vidya in 2000 learning tantric ritual with Sri Chaitanyananda, affectionately know as Haran Aiya at the Sri Vidya Peetham in Rochester, NY. In 2003 Colin received Purna Diksha (full initiation) from his Guru’s Guru, Sri Amritananda of Devipuram, India and was made a holder of the lineage in 2011. Since then Colin continues to spend his winters in Devipuram learning and teaching tantric aspects of the vidya with Sri Amritananda.














About Robyn Thoren Smith: Robyn is the creator of The Present Sense Approach to Sex and Intimacy, a somatic approach to deeper connection, satisfaction, and freedom in the realms of sex and relationship.  Through private coaching, she guides men, women, and couples to cultivate body-based wisdom and empathic relationship, supporting new levels of intimacy and individuation. She is a certified Sexological Bodyworker, registered yoga teacher, and Sexual Somatics facilitator.  Robyn received diksha from Amritananda Natha of Devipuram in 2012.



The Temple at Devipuram, built as a 3D lifesize Sri Yantra.

The Temple at Devipuram, built as a 3D lifesize Sri Yantra.

About Devipuram: The temple at Devipuram where both Colin and Robyn have studied and practiced, is a place for learning the divine qualities of the great mother goddess, personafied as Lalita Tripura Sundari. 108 goddesses of Khadgamala adorn the temple. There you will find the Kaula tradition of worshiping living persons as Yantras, through Mantras and Tantras. It brings all living or imagined living forms into one single roof as being worthy of worship. It offers every one a wide canvas of procedures appropriate to each. Its mission is to train seekers to become masters who, through meditations, yoga, kundalini, or rituals are able to break through boundaries of ego to enter the Court of Consciousness. Devipuram is first of all a place; a nucleus to manifest our vision through our mission, located  near Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, India. If you allow yourself to be a messenger for Goddess Mission, Devi will be with you, in you; and you become Devipuram.

Note: these events will be held in a small, intimate space and limited to the first 12 participants who register.

Register by emailing Robyn@thepresentsense.com or calling 206.579.2603.