Feminine Mystery School

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HoneyRoot’s Feminine Mystery School:

A School for Women’s Embodiment

& Devotional Leadership

Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown, CA

a 4 weekend training

November 21 – 23, 2014

Root of Creation: Security, Belonging, Feminine Sexuality, and Creativity (how to CREATE SAFE SPACE FOR WOMEN TO BE THEMSELVES)

January 23 – 25, 2015


Feb 27 – 29, 2015

Courageous Love: Relationship, Community, and Speaking your Truth from the Inside Out (how to COMMUNICATE IN WAYS THAT ARE TRUSTWORTHY, LOVING, and EFFECTIVE)

April 10 – 12, 2015

The Cosmic Mother: Embodied Practices for Seeing, Knowing, and Visioning our way into Love (how to STAND AT THE CENTER OF HEART’S WISDOM and MOVE THROUGH DAY-TO-DAY LIFE AS THE LEADER YOU ARE)

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What is HoneyRoot’s Feminine Mystery School?

    • Women’s Embodiment: Living from the inside out; sensation relaxation, and tensions, our guides. Listening and responding to body-awareness as an integral aspect of day to day, moment to moment  experience.  Creating space for and cultivating practices that support aliveness through body.  Being intimately connected to the ground below and the space around.  Cultivating boundaries and movements that support full expression – verbal, non-verbal, subtle, refined, compassionate, wild, attracting, clear, loving, purposeful.

    • Devotional Leadership: Moving through days connected to your deepest truth and your deepest longing for the world.  Staying in relationship to your vision of what’s possible, while using the present moment to inform what’s needed to move in its direction.

    • Mystery: We listen in—to the body, to the silence, the group wisdom—allowing Presence to guide us

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A 4-weekend journey into women’s embodiment and devotional leadership:

  • An open exchange of earth wisdom and feminine wisdom, unveiling the mysteries for the benefit of all.

  • The place where mysticism meets matter. By relaxing deeply into your physical body your access to and understanding of subtle wisdom expands.

  • A safe place to be dangerous! Explore your edges and your depth, your shadows and your darkness in a loving, expertly-held container.

  • An invitation to be present to what is real and true for you, moment to moment.

  • An opportunity use group and interpersonal dynamics as pathways into greater knowledge of your own self.

  • Spiritual in essence, practical in application and inclusive of all faiths and wisdom paths.

  • A chance to move more fully into your Eros and sexuality at a pace and in a direction that is authentic to you.

  • HoneyRoot is a nourishing womb – a field that provides opportunities for women to experience a larger version of themselves.

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With bodies connected to the earth and open to the cosmos… hearts receiving and offering…  awareness towards the personal and the interpersonal, the physical and the psychological, the spiritual and the universal aspects of our nature, we, as women, are healers and creators of the collective.

Come experience yourself, with us.

Your guides and co-creatrixes (2-3/weekend):

Devorah Bry, Ajaya Sommers, Robyn Thoren Smith, Deepika, Ayla Nereo, Shelly Smith, and Sirena Andrea  (see bios on the “The Team” page)

In addition to pleasure and play, this journey will include deep psycho-spiritual engagement and poingant moments of vulnerabilty and interdependance, thus we offer this as a commited group, available to dedicated women.   We will cap registration at 25.

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Cost of program:

$1800 if paid in full before Nov. 10th

$100 discount (each) if two or more women sign up together, as we want to support collaboration in all the ways we can!

full (4 session) commitment required


Why attend the HoneyRoot Mystery School?

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You sense that there is more to your life than you’ve previously known…

  • You sense you could have a more intimate relationship with your feminine nature.

  • You wanting to (re)discover your body as a place of power, expression, tenderness, and comfort.

  • You have experienced feminine health issues, sexual abuse trauma or difficult relationships in the past and wish to deepen your healing.

  • You know your intuitive, creative gifts could be tapped into more deeply and brought to light in the world.

  • You desire meaningful connections and friendships with authentically expressed women.

  • You experience shame that limits your experience of pleasure in your body.

  • You have difficulty connecting with your power, your anger, your tenderness, your intuition… or you’ve tapped into all these facilities and long to be with other women who have as well.

  • You are a healer/teacher and want to know how to bring your gifts out into the world!

  • You are ready for growth and transformation within yourself, and to be a source of growth and transformation for those around you as well.


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Join Us.

Learn more!

Sunday, May 10th, 2015: 10 -11:15 am

The Mother-Daughter Relationship


Please join Dev, Shelly, and Lisa from the HoneyRoot Women’s Embodiment Retreats, for a very special call on MOTHER’S DAY.

Together, we’ll explore Mother and Daughter Connections:
*places of ease, joy, and comfort
*places of difficulty or challenge
*practices and conversations that can bring you closer and help you learn more about each other as you deepen your relationship
*honoring the connection– soul to soul–whether your mother or daughter is still with you, or not.

We will have the privilege of listening in on three mother-daughter duos from HoneyRoot–Dev and her momma, Brenna, Shelly and her momma, Sue, Lisa Schrader, her mother, Linda, AND her daughter, Zoe!–as they speak about how they create connection in their relationships and how they handle the more sticky or disconnected ones. We will then open up the lines to hear from you about your experiences of mothering and daughtering.

You don’t want to miss this. We learn so much from being transparent together in these ways. Call in on your own, or, of course!, with your momma…