HoneyRoot Women’s Embodiment Retreat

July 2-5 2015

near Nevada City, California

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HoneyRoot is the magic and the potency of women coming together with our gifts – expressed and innate – our wisdom, our pains, our joys, our yearning, and our fierce dedication to Life.

It is a shared agreement and a cauldron to pour those gifts into — a re-discovery of the incredible healing and vibrancy that becomes available when we unite, in body, to both offer ourselves and to receive each other… fully.

Our team of facilitators and staff have dedicated their lives to the revelation of the immense power, wisdom, and beauty of the feminine. Each facilitator is a master of her craft and comes to the table as a sister eager to learn from her peers.

From Robyn:  “I cannot recommend the Honeyroot Experience enough!  Such a beautiful time among such a variety of women exploring what is particular about the feminine essence and about feminine consciousness and how we can enliven and embody that essence in our everyday lives.  I’ll be there and will be one of many excellent facilitators….please join us!