Singapore: Conscious Connections

Cultivating Conscious Connections

with Robyn & Rick

Thursday Nov. 27th, 7:30-9:30pm

Singapore Satsanga Community Space


Please bring your curious heart, your tender heart, your courageous heart, or your shy heart. All hearts are welcome.

We are excited to connect with the Singapore community!  It’s our joy to bring you a fun, gentle, interactive experience that includes meditation, facilitated conversations, guided movement and touch, all crafted with the intention to support you to experience more safety, passion, and presence in your various relationships with others.


Together we will tap into our innate capacity to give and receive loving attention with one another while maintaining our individual choice and autonomy.  Everything we offer will be optional, allowing you to connect with the authentic truth of the moment.


Past participants from our connection circles have told us they come away feeling deeply satisfied, as if they had been fed something they had been hungry for a long time, perhaps without even knowing the hunger was there.


Feel confident and free to ask for the kind of connections you most crave, and release what doesn’t serve.

• Stay centered while in connection

• Hone the quality of your attention

• Practice reading and trusting your body’s messages

• See how honoring your boundaries can be a gift for you and others

• Explore the connection between speaking your desires and increasing closeness in relationships


Please join us!  We’d love to meet you!


For more information including directions and registration, see http://www.singasatsanga.com/