Singapore: Woman, Sex & Spirit

Woman Sex & Spirit:

awakening authentic feminine essence

Wednesday Nov. 26th, 7:30-9:30pm

Singapore Satsanga Community Space


feminine meditation

As women we share an enormous capacity to experience waves of rippling sensation moving through our bodies.  This flow of love and pleasure is our natural feminine essence and our birthright.  The juicy aliveness of our sexual nature is the feminine aspect of meditation.


Authentic sexual aliveness is the felt sense of our connection with the One Life that moves through all of creation.  It is not limited to the act of sex, To experience this, we gradually release held tensions in our bodies, allow breath to flow and move, penetrating each moment with stillness and presence.  Sometimes in this process we encounter beliefs, memories, and ingrained habits that have caused us to unconsciously block or inhibit our natural sexual aliveness.  These are opportunities to engage our healing compassion and direct it within.women lauging


I believe that one of the best ways to explore what it means to deepen our authentic sexual aliveness is within the safety of a circle of other supportive women.  It’s my pleasure and delight to join you for an evening to  begin (or deepen) your exploration of your authentic sexual aliveness.

The evening will include a talk, guided meditations, and facilitated dialogues.  The gentle experiential exercises that I offer will be optional, and you will be able to choose to witness or participate.


Please join us!


For more information including directions & registration, go to: http://www.singasatsanga.com/